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The discipline of adolescent and young adult oncology is an emerging field. While many aspects of caring for patients with AYA cancers overlap in the pediatric and adult oncology realm, there are unique factors that are important for this group of patients. The Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Progress Review Group (sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 2005) identified five recommendations for the advancement of care for AYA patients with cancer. One of the recommendations is "to provide education, training and communication to improve awareness, prevention, access and quality of care for AYAs". We are developing a robust and hands on educational program to meet these recommendations and address the gaps in AYA care.

This fellowship is intended to provide the highest quality experience for first-year medical school students pursuing interests in aya oncology research. Faculty mentors are located both at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and at the USC Keck School of Medicine. Click here for details.

Students with a particular interest in issues affecting AYA patients will have the opportunity to conduct research and participate in experiential learning focused on this patient population. Beyond the summer fellowship, the fall term will include physician mentorship and students partnered with an AYA patient(s) undergoing treatment. The student will have the opportunity to attend the patient’s clinical consultations, treatments, inpatient visits, surgeries, and other visits/procedures wherever feasible throughout his/her treatment.

Videos from DAVID STROUD Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Symposium:

Welcome & AYAs and Cancer in the U.S
Cancer Sucks
Building and Implementing Care Programs
First Panel Discussion
Survival, Toxicity and Survivorship in AYA Oncology
Mapping the Future of AYA Oncology
David's Story Your Story
Emerging Young Adults
Cancer in Military AYAs
The Person Behind the Numbers
Third Panel Discussion & Closing Remarks

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This one year post fellowship curriculum is a novel approach to address the AYA gap in both pediatric and adult oncology training programs. Graduates will become experts in the field of AYA oncology. They will be comfortable interacting with AYA population and can address their psychosocial needs. They will understand the impact of health care access and resources for AYA oncology patients and will conduct clinical research in AYA.